MAY by phone 2016

1.  Mariner’s Game!
2.  Neighbor’s ride
3.  Getting back to the city via ferry
4.  Reflected alley
5.  At home with Bo
6 - 16.  Mt. Pilchuck Lookout trail, still super snowy at the end of May! 
TIP to make more fun:  Bring snow pants & change in to them after eating lunch in the lookout tower.  Enjoy sliding down the trail! HAVE FUN.

APRIL by phone 2016

1-5.  Tulip Fest! TIP:  Do not pay & wait in a terribly long weekend line to go through the main entrance.  There are plenty of free fields.  Park on the side of the road and explore or bring your bike!
6-7.  An empty last day in our Pioneer Square loft.
8-10.  Sunday afternoon work *shot on film
11-12.  Sunday afternoon work *shot on film

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