Product Photography, Web Design


Surface Theory is an upscale interior design flooring company based in Carlsbad, CA, with a following for 80k+ on Instagram.


Surface Theory reached out with a need of product photography and website that showcased their products of 50+ wood flooring options in a sleek, yet simple and consistent way to match their elevated brand identity.


Create repeatable, consistent product images that reflect Surface Theory's upscale brand identity and showcases the wood's unique textures.

Find a website solution that reflects the brand's identity and can be easily maintained by the owners.


Traditionally, wood flooring is shot with the boards moving horizontally; however, after shooting and experimenting with product test shots, Surface Theory's wood sample shapes and size worked much better vertically. Shooting the entire sample, rather than solely an up close, full frame shot, made each wood type feel like portraits, each with their own character. Together, Surface Theory and I made the creative decision to take a risk, break tradition, and shoot them vertically to separate his company from the norm. Nearly a month after launching Surface Theory's updated website with new imagery, top legacy flooring manufacturers began displaying their wood samples vertically and still stands as a way they display samples today.

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