Hello world.  I am a film and digital photographer, amongst other hats, who enjoys intimate environments, genuine folks, and good lighting.  I am usually accompanied by my Memphis mutt, Bowie.

Where are you based?  Do you travel?
Seattle, WA, is my permanent residence and nearby lands are easy to coordinate.  I also frequent the southeastern parts of the USA; however,  I am always up for a trip elsewhere… we can work it out.

I need photographs of ______.  What do you photograph?
My favorite clients are of the beast and creature variety, as they understand energy better than most humans; however, I am comfortable with other photographic needs from product and web to human events.  My ultimate goal is to create a dreamy, cinematic spin on reality, and patience plays a big part in interacting with our present environment.

How do we move forward in working together?
Let's have a free consultation as our first step.  We can meet for coffee or lunch and discuss your project / get a better vibe for each other.  It’s difficult to truly understand someone’s vision and energy with non-human interactions, and we won't get the best results without it.  If you have an idea, rad!  Bring some images or something to show your thoughts.  If you need help in that department, let’s talk it out.  Sometimes you just need someone to listen and organize your thoughts (Luckily, I love listening and organizing).  For out-of-towners, let's set up a video cocktail hour.



I look forward to working with you!

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