Brand Identity: Logo Design & Product Photos

Benson Bag Co. is a small, independent waxed canvas goods maker in Maine. They reached out looking for a logo and photography to launch their product in local retailers for the 2020 holiday season. 


Create a logo that speaks to the brand's values and highlights the use of natural materials and quality handmade work.

Create a simple hang tag design for selling products in stores.

Create product images and any other visual assets for social media use that encapsulates the brand.

Brand Identity Process:

In our discovery sessions, the owner and I created a mood board of various logos and photography, detailing likes and dislikes to guide the direction of the brand.

Through this process, we leaned in on Benson's use of natural materials, love of rich earth tones, and the history behind the name.

'Benson' was created from the last name of the owner's grandmother, who taught each generation in their family how to sew. This story sparked to press further on family stories and the Benson history, which led to a conversation about the Benson's all having a unique way of handwriting their "B". After iterating on many typeface designs, the handwritten logo captured their family history and the handmade quality of their products.

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