I'm a proud Jane-of-Many-Trades with southern roots, currently living in Maine.

My work has been primarily focused within customer experience in early-stage startups and small B2B and SaaS businesses. My creative skills range all around, so I jam really well in flexible, "many hat" type environments. Customer experience to me is the root of a successful business; from brand identity, UX design and customer research to having the sociability and empathy with customers. I've touched all of these areas in my years and enjoy how they all link together. Whether I'm working solo or managing a team, I thrive in environments that are passionate about their work and have the drive to better their community and the world.

In my downtime, I enjoy reading nonfiction books, playing music, bike rides, birding birds, and experimenting with plants in the kitchen. 

I'd love to hear about your project!

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